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random poll!!

I just realized that I haven't been exploiting the features of paid accounts as much as I should. :P

The question of favourite band has been asked before, but I'm really curious about what are some of the favourite lesser known "grunge" bands are around here, so the four poplir bands are taken out of the running of the second question.

Poll #820991 Random poll!

What's your favourite band of the Big Four "Grunge" bands?

Alice in Chains
Pearl Jam

What's your favourite grungey band that isn't in the "Big Four"?

What's your favourite band that wouldn't fall under the "grunge" label (by any stretch of the imagination)?

What else can the community info count down to?

The last questions comes from that the community is currently telling us that teh Avocado was released four months, one week ago. Perhaps a change is in order.

Random information:

Just discovered this site:

Using that site, you can download YouTube video (like, for example, the video of The Gits in Hype! :D). With Google Videos, a download link is already played in the cache when you load the video to play.

To play the files, though, a .flv player is needed. For some reason, after downloading a video, I needed to type in the ".flv" extention in the file name to get it to work properly.
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