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Grunge Cult

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This page is a work in progress. :)

Record To join grunge_cult, click here.

Record This community was created when one too many people on grunge_rock said that Ten is Pearl Jam's best only good album. Note: If the only "grunge" band that you like is Nirvana, and the only "grunge" that you're familiar with is what MTV told you about, perhaps this is not the best place for you.

[we love you vitalogy!!]

Record The lovely founders of this community were Missa [aic_weirdo] and Janet [hay, formally feed_my_eyes]. Jackie [elusiveshoe] is also a moderator. Missa is the most active mod-type person here, so if for some reason, you absolutely must e-mail a mod-type person, send it to aic_weirdo@livejournal.com with a subject line of "You're a goddess!"

Record The purpose of this community is music which could possibly be categorized under "grunge." We're not going to argue about what that term means, and any band/musician/whatever that could be linked to that term can be freely discussed here. Feel free to also post pics [we aren't going to be anal about LJ-cuts] and other files.

Bands that will get the most mention here because a certain mod is obsessed with them:

Pearl Jam
[Pearl Jam]
Alice in Chains
[Alice in Chains]
The Gits
[The Gits]
7 Year Bitch
[7 Year Bitch]

Any grunge type band is welcome, though. :D

Just note: 1) Advertising other communities here will only be tolerated if they are music related, and the poster has been a member here for at least a month and does it at most once a year. 2) Intro posts where the only substantial thing that you say is "My name is XXX, feel free to add me!" is annoying -- don't do it!! 3) Being an elitist [i.e. "I've been a fan of xxx band since 19xx, so I'm teh most awesomenest everrr!] is also annoying -- don't do that, either. -- Other than that, don't be afraid to post anything grunge-related. :)

Record As entertaining as flamewars are, we prefer not to have them here; Missa just learned how to ban people, and she is not afraid to use it! Also, to avoid unnecessary problems, anonymous commenting is disabled. If you really would like to reply to something here, creating an Eljay account is not that hard.

Record Please don't abuse the English language. Several members here are grammar Nazis, and they are not afraid to make fun of crazy 13-year-old AOLers. If you ask politely, one of us may point you to a nice English tutorial site. :P


Live Music Torrent Sites

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PJ Sidewalk Crusaders
The Sky I Scrape
The Traders' Den
Pure Live Gigs

Band Sites

Pearl Jam (official site)
The Sky I Scrape
Alice in Chains (official site)
AIC fansite
The Gits (official site)
The Gits Movie
7 Year Bitch fansite
Supersuckers (official site)
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